Erosion and sediment control monitoring and auditing

Provision of expert technical advice and expert evidence for a range of development clients.

Ridley Dunphy Environmental assist with development sites and undertaking pre, during and post rain audits and site monitoring.  Working for the development client this includes checking erosion and sediment control devices, undertaking manual water quality testing, checking downstream environments and coordination of automatic sampling through continuous sampling devices.  This service allows for a comprehensive overview of the sites erosion and sediment control performance and allows for adaptive management of controls to ensure continuous improvement at all times.  The service also includes formal reporting and liaison with ecological expertise, Council, contractors and clients to achieve the best result for all parties.

Adaptive Environmental Monitoring and Management Response Plan (AEMMRP) development and management

Ridley Dunphy Environmental actively write and review AEMMRP's and ensure they are relevant, up-to-date and achieve effective outcomes.